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Future OCR Podium Finisher,

Quick question… would you have more fun if your OCR race times were faster, you got through the obstacles more cleanly, and had overall better finishing results?  

Dare I say… Top 5 in your age group? Maybe even an Age-group Podium?!?!

Sure, 2020 was unprecedented. 

Our races just ripped away from us.  

Our excuse to get up early to train was extinguished.

Our proverbial "accountability partner" literally closed up shop...

Leaving some of us demoralized and disappointed.

This too shall pass...

And this is no exception!

There is light at the end of the tunnel… 

Assuming you’ve seen them by now...

Spartan has double down on their promotional budget and are screaming from the virtual mountaintops the races are coming back next year!

I have something I need to share with you!

I might know you a little bit…

It's more than just a dream inside you...

There’s an inner desire to achieve more - you believe there’s untapped potential.

More so, there’s an inner warrior trapped inside you.

You're a high achieving.

Seeking the next level.

Unwilling to accept mediocrity
Yet - there’s an equally loud voice telling you to hang it up... 

let it go.  

You have priorities and no extra time...

But when that noise quiets… 

We can hear that soft voice inside...

The voice of that inner warrior inside us all that we long to release.

The urge and desire to compete, and perform at a higher level is innate to our existence -- some feel it more than others...

You're one of the few that is experiencing the pain of your inner warrior screaming to get out.

That was me 3 years ago - I knew there was something else inside me.  

At the same time I could hear the clock ticking...

I had to choose whether to listen to these other voices telling me the best days were behind me 


Embrace the inner warrior and find a way to release it into the world.

That pivotal moment came on a Saturday afternoon at Blue Mountain Pennsylvania.

I gazed at the podiums, imaging standing on top of one of them. 

I declared that day that I was going to figure it out.

...then, in less than 18 months, I had captured 4 podiums in 7 races.

People noticed.  

They started asking.  

I was deflecting and playing the humble card -- the truth is, I wasn’t really sure what to say or how to answer...

I made a lot of tweaks, but it wasn’t just one or two things. was the unique combination of improvements that lead to the creation of my podium formula.

The subtle elements that made the biggest impacts.

I didn't learn a new training technique, I didn't subscribe to a secret online training program, honestly, It wasn't even that I trained harder... It's hard to explain. 

The reality is, you likely already have all the pieces to the puzzle...

The problem is you have too many... and the challenge is putting them together.  

You keep telling yourself you don't have enough time...

And you're kinda right, especially when you believe you have to train like a professional.

You may not be doing these professionally, but your still an athlete.

And you'll believe that by the end of this upcoming, highly interactive 5-day Challenge!!!

Simply, it's about incorporating the right elements into a routine that will dramatically shift what you believe you are capable of achieving.

I decided it was time to share this podium formula with my fellow OCR competitors....

Those seeking to keep their podium dreams alive and commit to see that dream through to its completion!

and if an age-group podium is a little too big a goal right now, its OK, it won't be after this challenge...

I got you!!

Listen, I’m 41... I Got young kids, a wife, involved in multiple businesses, very little time.

I almost let my dream die...

Put my inner warrior out to pasture...

I almost let the voice in my head talk me into just having fun and forgetting the competitive part of my soul.

Truth is, the elation of the podium experience, as wonderful as it is, does fade away.  

However, the person you’ll become in the process will prove to be the lasting result that will remind you why you did it.

It is a worthy endeavor to pursue your purpose, your potential, and capture an Age-Group Podium.

How long are you going to wait?

Don’t let another season be wasted with frugal efforts.

Stop telling yourself you’ll “try” harder or “work” harder.

Give me permission to help you quiet the “what ifs” once and for all.

Hesitation is costing you more than you know - if not NOW?...When?

Don't let this opportunity pass you by... 

The Participant to Podium - 5-day OCR Challenge Starts Soon!!!

Hit the button below and register for this free challenge while registration is still open.

To your success,

Matt Engler

Registration Closes In:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Time Sensitive: Do not miss this incredibly unique 5-day live and highly-interactive learning experience where you will get personally mentored from the Age-Group Podium Mentor, Matt Engler.

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